About Us

GLXplay was established in 2013 and was born from the hobby business of Roby, the Founder of GLXplay. Roby has been importing from China for more than ten years and established an office in China soon after commencing. Roby has established and personally manages a fully functional factory from scratch in Shenzhen, China, designing and producing high quality jackpot, mahjong and arcade machines for casinos. During this time Roby has gained essential experience identifying and dealing with a multitude of Chinese suppliers to ensure reliable quality components are available.

Roby is an electronic engineer who has worked on electronic (SS) jackpot arcade machines since 1997. Prior to that he worked at a small electronics factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia designing and making radio control systems for modellers and Government departments. This business covered all aspects of design, manufacture and testing “in-house” including all cabinet and metalwork, printed circuit design layout, fabrication and full assembly, alignment and packaging of the finished product.

Working at this electronics factory provided Robi with the level of expertise that gives him an extraordinary understanding and competence in the complete electronic manufacturing process. Combined with 35 years of practical experience in the amusement industry, his many electronics design projects undertaken for commercial applications and his business experience in China creates a very unique combination of skills that few possess allowing him to re-design many different arcade machine PCBs re-creating them with updated electronics and/or more easily available components.

During the evolutions of the Internet, GLXplay now also expanding into Mobile Gaming market. we also produce high quality casino games, for IOS and Android. we also have done the some cutting edge HTML5 games. We are now quickly expanding due high demand on the gaming market Globally.

Roby is supported by a dedicated team of experienced designers, engineers, programmers and technicians.